MeepleCity Store Showdown 05/26!

MeepleCity Store Showdown 05/26!

Hey guys! We are hosting a Star Wars Unlimited Store Showdown on May 26th at 6:00 pm. I figured I'd go into more detail about the event and the prizes being handed out. Every participant will receive a promo pack that has a chance to contain foil versions of Sabine Wren, Bossier, the Death Trooper and more. We often get these traded into the store as well, but promo packs are the only way to find these out in the wild.


For the Showdown itself, we have a few particular promos that people are very excited about.

Specifically, the control staple Takedown to each of our first 32 participants:

And the Top 8 version of Mace Windu:


As we go into the Store Showdown, there are a few things I want to remind people. Promos are not evergreen like the rest of Star Wars Unlimited. For anyone not aware of what that means, FFG has guaranteed that the first set of Star Wars Unlimited will be continuously reprinted, their current unavailability aside. In November, they have stated they will be releasing wave 2 which will dwarf the product availability of wave 1. That being said, they've said nothing about reprinting promos. 

The current meta for Star Wars Unlimited is surprisingly healthy despite the initial overwhelming Boba-Green dominance. As for right now, the top decks are: Sabine-green, Boba-Green, Leia-Red, Vader-Blue and Iden-Green. That being said, there are so many decks that are up and coming that have come into the spotlight. Grand Inquisitor-Blue has been taking top spots. Sabine-Yellow has emerged as a contender. Boba-Yellow won a huge tournament recently. Krennic control won multiple events. I look forward to seeing what everyone is able to put on the table. 

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