Push Your Luck Games

Push Your Luck Games
Since March is the month we hear about the Luck o' the Irish we thought we would talk about "Push Your Luck" games. Are you familiar with this game mechanic? You may not know the name, but we're betting you've seen the mechanic at work.
Push Your Luck games are those in which you have the chance to double your winnings but risk losing it all in the process. There are several game shows, card games, dice games, and boardgames that focus on using this idea. There are several links below if you're interested in reading more about these types of games.
Are you in the mood to push your luck? Here's a list of some Push Your Luck boardgame titles MeepleCity has in our boardgame library:
-Quacks of Quedlinburg
-King of Tokyo
-Pass the Pigs
-Zombie Dice
-7 Sins
-Happy Little Dinosaurs
-Exploding Kittens

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